Competitive Program

Competitive Program

The Nepean Blue Devils strives to offer a provincial competitive boys and girls team at each age group (U10, U11, U12, U13, U14, U15, U16, U17 and U19).  A high level of commitment is expected from parents and players selected for provincial competitive teams. Players are expected to attend all practices, games and tournaments.  Players who are not able to make this commitment are encouraged to play on lower level competitive teams (regional) or in the Recreational Program

If a sufficient number of players register, the club may chose to run regional competitive teams at the major age groups (U14, U16).  Players not selected to the provincial team or who decide to not play provincial are encouraged to tryout for the regional level competitive teams.  Given the club only runs regional teams at the major age groups, minor age players (U13, U15,) who are not selected to play on the provincial teams at their designated age group or who cannot commit to the provincial program are encouraged to play-up an age group (e.g. U13 players are encouraged to tryout for the U14 regional team).  While a high level of commitment is still expected of players playing on the regional teams there is generally less travel and practice demands than what is found at the provincial level of play (for example, the regional teams tend to only play games in the Ottawa area). 


  • All competitive coaches have a wealth of experience and are NCCP certified (Level 1 for Atom, and Level 2 for Bantam, Midget and Junior).

  • NBBA coaches also participate in a number of coaching clinics throughout the year and are supported by the Club Technical Director.

  • Competitive teams participate in the Eastern Ontario Basketball Association (EOBA) League, as well as local and out-of-town tournaments throughout the season.

  • All competitive teams (provincial and regional) are given four hours of practice each week.

  • The cost of the Competitive Program is $685.00 (+ a $25 non-refundable tryout fee for all levels). The cost of the Novice Competitive Program is $385 (+ a $15 non-refundable tryout fee) The registration fee covers:

    • All EOBA and Ontario Basketball Association (OBA) registration fees for teams, coaches and players. 

    • Referee fees for 10 EOBA League games and the EOBA Championship tournament at the end of the season (up to a maximum of $300).

    • For U11 and above, $300 of the registration fee is designated for team fees, to cover the cost of three tournaments and the OBA Championships.

  • Teams must cover all other expenses through the collection of additional team fees. 

  • Families can expect to incur additional costs when participating in out-of-town tournaments (ie. hotel and food).



    2017-18 Season

    The NBBA intends to field the following competitive teams for the 2017-18 basketball season:


    Head Coach

    Novice Girls (U10) Provincial

    Eric Johannsen

    Minor Atom Girls (U11) Provincial

    Harbir Bains

    Major Atom Girls (U12) Provincial

    Karsten Gitter

    Minor Bantam Girls (U13) Provincial

    Brenda Highmore

    Major Bantam Girls (U14) Provincial

    Amanda Zehr

    Major Bantam Girls (U14) Regional

    Ian Aldous

    Minor Midget Girls (U15) Provincial

    Lauren Tebrake

    Major Midget Girls (U16) Provincial

    Jim Tebrake

    Major Midget Girls (U16) Regional

    Neil Talbot

    Junior Girls (U17) Provincial


    Junior Girls (U19) Provincial

    Eric Johannsen

    Novice Boys (U10) Provincial

    Aaron Leach

    Minor Atom Boys (U11) Provincial


    Major Atom Boys (U12) Provincial

    Keith Gough

    Minor Bantam Boys (U13) Provincial

    Mike Kennedy

    Major Bantam Boys (U14) Provincial

    Stephen Warner/Dale Johnson

    Major Bantam Boys (U14) Regional

    Brian Burns

    Minor Midget Boys (U15) Provincial

    Peter Harrison

    Major Midget Boys (U16) Provincial

    Corey Munro

    Major Midget Boys (U16) Regional

    Mark Howard

    Junior Boys (U17) Provincial

    Trey Graham

    Junior Boys (U19) Provincial

    Kris Bowles


    Team Selections

    Team selections are held in early September (check the website often for the latest tryout dates) and the season begins mid-October and runs through to May.  Each age category will have tryout dates specific to their age only (eg. Minor tryout dates will not include Major players and Major tryout dates will not include Minor players).  Once the provincial competitive tryouts are completed the regional competitive tryouts will be held at which point both major and minor aged players will be combined and the regional team(s) will be selected from the pool of minor aged and major aged players.

    • The selection process is based on a number of factors, including shooting skills, dribbling and ball handling, rebounding, endurance, attitude, coach-ability, intensity, etc.

    • Based on the evaluation of the above criteria, the team’s coaching staff will select the 10 to 12 players. 

    • The selection process can commence after the first, second, or third tryout dates and is usually based on the number of players trying out.

    • Should a player not be selected for a provincial or regional competitive team, they will be released to the Recreational Program (if they have registered to secure their spot) and attend the sort-outs. 


    Financial Assistance

    • Financial assistance for registration fees is available through charitable organizations, such as Jumpstart and KidSport™.

    • Families are required to apply for assistance from one of these funding sources before, or immediately after, registering for a NBBA Program.  


    Questions about the Competitive Program can be emailed to Kelly Milne, VP Competitive.