Registration dates for the 2020-21 season will be announced at a later date.



Registration Fees


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Registration Fee

Ball Size Required

Beginner Development 2014, 2013 $245 Size 5 (27.5")
Intermediate Development 2012, 2011 $245 Size 5 (27.5")
Novice Competitive 2012, 2011 $465 + $15 Tryout Fee Size 5 (27.5")
U11/U12 Development 2010, 2009 $300 Size 5 (27.5")
U11/U12 Competitive 2010, 2009 $765 + $25 Tryout Fee Size 5 (27.5")
U13/U14Recreational 2008, 2007 $365 Size 6 (28.5")
U13/U14 Competitive 2008, 2007 $765 + $25 Tryout Fee Size 6 (28.5")
U15/U16 Recreational 2006, 2005 $365 Girls: Size 6 (28.5")/Boys: Size 7 (29.5")
U15/U16 Competitive 2006, 2005 $765 + $25 Tryout Fee Girls: Size 6 (28.5")/Boys: Size 7 (29.5")
U17/U19 Recreational 2004,2003,2002 $365 Girls: Size 6 (28.5")/Boys: Size 7 (29.5")
U17/U19 Competitive 2004,2003,2002 $765 + $25 Tryout Fee Girls: Size 6 (28.5")/Boys: Size 7 (29.5")



  • Availability of equipment, gym facilities and coaching staff determines the capacity for all NBBA programs. Caps are put in place for all programs due to unknown availability of gym times at present. If the system indicates that a player is wait-listed, please proceed with registration as players can be moved from the wait-list following competitive tryouts, and if gym time is reallocated to increase the number of teams. The wait-list process allows the NBBA to gauge the level of interest for each program and fill player positions by program needs. ​Registrants who cannot be accommodated will be entitled to a full refund.​
  • When establishing Recreational and Development Basketball teams, the Nepean Blue Devils Basketball Association has a policy of ensuring that the calibre of its teams are evenly balanced. This ensures the best playing experience for our athletes. This also allows our athletes to experience playing with different players from year to year further enriching their playing and social experience. The Nepean Blue Devils Basketball Association is therefore unable to take friend requests or playing time/location requests when forming Recreational and Developmental Basketball teams. 

  • Competitive Program registration fees for U11 - U19 levels include $300 designated for team fees to cover costs associated with participating in at least three tournaments and the OBA Championships.  Additional team fees may be collected depending on an individual team budgets. 
  • Tryout fees for all competitive programs are non-refundable.

  • Each player must have their own appropriate sized basketball. Official NBBA basketballs can be purchased through MegaCity Promotions, located at 810 Greenbank Road. 

How to Register

  • All players and volunteers must register online through the Nepean Blue Devils Basketball Association's registration system. This system allows the association to assign players and coaches to teams and facilitates communications to members. 
  • If the player wishes to register for a Development/Recreational Program only, select yes beside this option and proceed with the registration and payment.
  • If the player wishes to tryout for a competitive team, AND secure a spot in the Development/Recreational Program should they not be selected for a competitive team, register and pay for the Developmental/Recreational Program as well as the tryout. If the player is selected for a competitive team, you will be prompted to return to the system to pay the difference in the registration fees. If the player is not selected for a competitive team, a spot in the Development/Recreational Program is secured and no additional fees will be owed.
  • Players who are only interested in trying out for a competitive team and do not wish to play in the Development/Recreational Program should select and pay for the tryout only. 

How to Pay

By Credit Card: Complete your registration online and use your credit card to pay the registration fees. 

By Cheque: 

1.  Complete your registration online.

2.  Print the registration confirmation form and mail it along with a cheque payable to the Nepean Blue Devils Basketball Association to:

Nepean Blue Devils Basketball Association
405-900 Greenbank Road
Nepean, Ontario  K2J 4P6

Registration is not considered complete and your spot is not secured/guaranteed until registration fees are PAID IN FULL.  ​Registration fees must be paid in full prior to sort-outs for Developmental and Recreational Program or the start of practices for competitive teams as the NBBA's liability insurance does not cover unregistered players.  This policy will be strictly enforced. 


If you have any questions regarding the registration process or experience any issues while completing your registration, please email the General Manager

Questions related to specific programs may be directed to the appropriate club representative through the Contact Us form.